Joao Paulo Rodrigues Da Silva Gonçalves.
A young agent at the age of 30, a living example following the rules and genuine ways of professional sports, always active and respectfully connected with the world of football and the care for the future without ever abandoning what he had always dreamt to be as a professional, his exemplary behaviour has driven him right to the world of professional football.

super stadium

super stadium


Super Stadium is a sports enterprise, representing clubs and national selections of professional football.


Super Stadium has as objective to trace the lines of contact with the football clubs and national selections in order to pursue and plan in the future, such as professionalism requires, friendly matches, tournaments, internships as well as everything else concerning the beginnings and ends of the season and other events in the course of the year.

Clubs & Sélections

Super Stadium intention is to develop a professional structure permitting to serve at the highest level all those who are interested in our services, on the base of strictly fulfilling all that is requested from us.


Super Stadium will be approached by enterprises wishing to inform about their image in the world of football. They can get in touch with us in order to be able to elaborate jointly the best solutions for contacts with clubs, selections, stadiums, TV stations ...